300ml ZeoliteClean

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Easily remove: mud, dust, dirt, germs and chemical surface residues from your fruits, vegetables and any cutting surfaces (wooden, plastic or stainless steel).

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The 300ml ZeoliteClean package is the most suitable for your needs.
Ingredients: Chios Mastic, Green Olive Oil Soap, Water, Dried Fruits, Lemon, Baking Soda and Zeolite.

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Consider the following :

You return from the neighborhood supermarket or grocery store or from the street market with yours weekly fruits and vegetables.
Before placing them in the maintenance of your refrigerator or fruits bowl, you will clean them as follows:
1. Fill a kitchen basin with water
2. Depending on the liters of water it has taken, you will add the corresponding amount of ZeoliteClean, for example:
5 liters of water = 20ml of ZeoliteClean liquid or 5 lids of it
3. Mix well with a tablespoon
4. Dip all of yours fruits and vegetables on it and massage them for 1 to 3min
5. Remove your fruits or vegetables, one by one and rinse them with running tap water.
6. Dry with kitchen paper or towel
7. Put them in yours refrigerator or fruits bowl
8. They are ready at any time and if you need them for cutting and serving!


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