100ml ZeoliteClean Herbal Wash Aid spray

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The ZeoliteClean of 100ml in spray is the most suitable cleanser for your fruits & vegetables as it contains 700 sprays! Easily remove: mud, dust, dirt, germs and chemical surface residues from your fruits, vegetables and any cutting surfaces (wooden, plastic or stainless steel). Enough for 2 months! Τhe 100ml package corresponds to 25kg of fruit or vegetable washes! Ingredients: Chios Mastic, Green Olive Oil Soap, Water, Dried Fruits, Lemon and Zeolite

Additional information

Weight 0.136 kg

Instructions for use

Recommended for individual fruits, a salad or fruit salad but also a smoothie or natural juice.

  1. Take the Fruit or Vegetable from the fruit bowl or refrigerator
    Spray on its surface 1/2 times
  2. Rub well
  3. Rinse thoroughly with running tap water
  4. Dry
  5. Cut
  6. Use as you wish (juice, blender or salad)
  7. Serve

How does it work ;

ZeoliteClean is a completely herbal, safe fruit and vegetable washing aid. Its main ingredients are zeolite, olive oil soap and Chios mastic.

The formulation on the surface of the fruits and vegetables to be eaten has the following sequential action.

Zeolite has the property of binding the heavy metals applied to fruits and vegetables during their cultivation.

Olive oil soap is the natural cleanser which, in addition to helping to remove dust, dirt and mud, also manages to be the main ally of Zeolite, which helps to trap the chemical residues it has identified and to removes with water during washing.

Chios mastic (odorless) comes to work in addition to its antibacterial properties to bring about the best decontamination and disinfection of our edible fruits and vegetables. An essentially herbal substance because it does not destroy their valuable nutrients unlike vinegar or Chlorine tablets which are accompanied by strict dosing rules!

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