1000ml ZeoliteClean [250 washes]

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Proper washing of fruits and vegetables is essential nowadays. ZeoliteClean, a natural product, helps you enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables in the easiest way.

In your order of 1oooml you will receive free 250pcs of Qrcode.

Your customer scans with his mobile phone either in the table mat or in the take away package and sees interactively how well they were cleaned before! The need to close the gap of the feeling in security is more important today than ever!


1000ml corresponds to 250 washes per pound of water in a tank.

Advantages of the product ingredients:
• Zeolite: Excellent adsorption ability especially of ammonia and heavy metals. Applications in many fields such as detergents and waste treatment due to its ion exchange capacity. Other uses: Livestock, agriculture, medicines, etc.
• Soap: The most natural cleanser, used since antiquity
• Chios mastic: With antibacterial properties
An innovative 100% Greek product worthy of its unique composition and effectiveness for a healthier diet!


Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Consider the following :

You return from the neighborhood supermarket or grocery store or from the street market with yours weekly fruits and vegetables.
Before placing them in the maintenance of your refrigerator or fruits bowl, you will clean them as follows:
1. Fill a kitchen basin with water
2. Depending on the liters of water it has taken, you will add the corresponding amount of ZeoliteClean, for example:
5 liters of water = 20ml of ZeoliteClean liquid or 5 lids of the 1000ml package
3. Mix well with a tablespoon
4. Dip all of yours fruits and vegetables on it and massage them for 1 to 3min
5. Remove your fruits or vegetables, one by one and rinse them with running tap water.
6. Put them in yours refrigerator or fruits bowl
7. They are ready at any time and if you need them for cutting and serving!

How it works

ZeoliteClean is an absolutely herbal liquid cleanser for fruits and vegetables. The main ingredients are zeolite, olive oil soap and Chios mastic.

The formulation on the surface of fruit and vegetable has the following action.

Zeolite has the ability to bind heavy metals applied to fruits and vegetables during their farming.

Olive oil soap is a natural detergent that, in addition to helping to remove dust, dirt and mud, manages to be the key ally of Zeolite, which helps by 1st trapping the chemical residues it has found and by 2nd remove with water during washing.

Chios mastic (odorless) comes in addition to its antibacterial properties to provide the best disinfection to our fruits and vegetables without harming their valuable nutrients, such as other alcohol-based or Chlorine preparations!


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