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Peaches: Why you should include them in your diet

Anyway ..you know:  always before, good wash with ZeoliteClean! see here {klik} the cleanliness analyzes after washing with ZeoliteClean! Exclusively summery, cool, juicy and full of aroma fruit, the peach is considered the fruit of purity and immortality, according to some oriental traditions. From the eastern countries, and more specifically from China, it reached Europe […]

EcoHub.gr & ZeoliteClean

EcoHub.gr & ZeoliteClean ..the best team! We are pleased to announce the availability of our innovative products through the also innovative green product sales website, ECOHUB.gr We wish our cooperation to bring the best possible result . for more visit the site: www.ecohub.gr

ZeoliteClean .. continues it’s journey!

We are pleased to announce the start of our company’s partnership with Janex. General Trading Company in Slovakia! We wish for the best possible result, both for the 2 companies and for the further increase of the sense of security and hygiene of the Slovak Cuisine! Best regards CEO & FOUNDER ANESTIS SAMARAS

Washing fruits and vegetables with Vinegar. WRONG or RIGHT?

WATER with VINEGAR for washing  is WRONG because: Vinegar contains, the most, 6% alcohol. Must be 70% and more to be able to eliminate germs, bacteria and more! It is also wrong for many housewives to put vegetables in a basin of water + vinegar. Know that the only thing that happens is to kill […]

For these reasons you should eat cherries!

“Wherever you hear a lot of cherries… hold a big basket” because these crunchy and juicy summer fruits, in addition to their delicious taste and color, have many benefits for the body. See their 10 beneficial properties and 5 recipes with cherries. History in red Cherry is the fruit of cherry, a deciduous tree native to […]

Invitation to 3rd Gourmet Exhibition / SRC – Zeoliteclean

  You are cordially invited to attend the 3rd Gourmet Exhibition! You will find us at stand 120!

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